Only few days to go for Valentine’s to celebrate it with the love of your life. Lucky are those who get to spend with their partner. But what about those miles apart couple who are in a long distance relationship with one another. Remember creativity and communication plays an important role in maintain the relationship. Therefore if you are running out of the ideas then take a look at the below blog and celebrate Do on V-Day for Every Level of Romance even not being together.

Surprise Them and Show Up

If you are having a white collar job then why not make the most of it? Tie your lace, pack your bags and get ready to surprise your lover on the Valentine’s morning. You need to book tickets earlier as there will be lot of combo offers. Visit their work place with a bunch of flowers or wait for them at the apartment when they are back from the work. The smile you will see in return is worth everything. You can surprise them by sending balloon and cake delivery online from giftblooms.

Have a Synchronized Skype, Face Time, Or Nucleus Date.

It’s all about the synchronization. You can have Skype or Face time session together while doing the same things. Watch movie, have the same dinner, open gifts for each other at the exact same time. If you do it at right timing then there’s nothing to worry about. And it will not only make you feel happy but bring closer to each other even if you are not physically together. And to take it up a next level opt for Nucleus, which is video intercom allows you to get connected with your lover. Some of our ideas found from guest post by 10Minuteideas.

Have a Skype Dinner Date.

Skype dinner dates are the best. You can begin your conversation by acknowledging the presence in each other’s life even though you are far away from them. Also order the food you love or perhaps cook the food and bring into the camera sight. Take time to chew the food, in between you can have some meaningful conversations with a glass of wine in hand.

Send Them Handwritten Notes in the Mail.

Writing handwritten notes is the most romantic way of expressing your feelings. Even before when technology was not there, everyone used to write it down. Call it old fashioned but your sweetheart will be delighted to receive them via mail. Why send only one letter, you can send bunch of them. Attach postcards, your pictures taken together or maybe a little gift or two. It doesn’t mean you need to buy an expensive gift, the one which is given from the bottom of heart matters the most. Make sure to mail them a week back so as they reach on time.

Send Them a Care Package

While it’s difficult to keep up being in long distance relationship, it’s worth fighting for if you are hopelessly in love with each other. It’s Valentine’s Day and if you can’t be in person then you can always send valentine’s day presents online in a package which can consist of flowers, chocolates, gift baskets or anything which s/he loves. As long as the gift is thoughtful all’s good.

Create a Scavenger Hunt

Who doesn’t love Scavenger hunt? We totally love it. All you need is to pen down the clues and hide it at his/her favorite place. In this way s/he won’t get bored on this special day. Via snail mail you can set up the hints at whatever place. And of course, the last one should be ah-mazing and a big surprise like you standing with a bouquet of roses?

Create a Collage

When you make something by your own hands, there’s lot of creativity and love involved. After all doing things that makes our partner happy on V-day. It’s the digital age, a handmade scrapbook which has collage of pictures with your loved one will swoon him over. You can write down cute captions beside the pictures or quotes and memories made together.


Let love never become the hurdle in your relationship. Instead build trust, faith, and devotion towards each other even if you are at the other side of globe. The above mentioned are the few ideas to celebrate Valentine’s day for all the long distance couple out there.