Your significant other will probably be delighted with any classic valentines gift – and there is absolutely nothing wrong with a big box of chocolates or a teddy bear to mark the occasion!

There are, however, so many gifts these days that step outside the box of the “classic Valentine’s Day gifts”. Why not let go of the commercial clichés this year and choose something a little more unpredictable, maybe even with an element of mystery and adventure? Every woman loves some jewellery and every man will appreciate Designer Watch Brands, but these gifts add a most personal touch.

Here are a few suggestions to give you some alternative inspiration…

A Romantic Getaway

Book a romantic trip for the two of you! Why is this my favourite option? Because you’re basically giving yourself gift! Ideal, right? You don’t have to spend fortune to book a weekend trip, there are plenty of deals to be had they won’t break the bank. You can create wonderful memories while you’re away, so it can be a gift that will last a life time!

Bouquet with a Difference

If your partner loves  flowers and plants, you can to go down the floral route regardless, but maybe try an alternative kind of bouquet. Why not get them a bonsai tree, or miniature plant which she put on her desk in her office so she can be reminded of you there! Another idea is a candy bouquet, if she has a sweet tooth.

Give the Gift of a Story

Do you and your partner share a love for reading? Do you enjoy a little bit of drama to keep things interesting? A great idea for Valentines this year could be to spin a classic literary love story, like Pride and Prejudice or Romeo and Juliet, and changing it so the names are your own! There are websites out there that will change the lovers names to you and your partners, and even the location to your home time!


Something made is always a winner over something brought, so there is need to worry about a lavish present with this option. How about a homemade list of love quotes, photos or literary passages that describe your relationship up to this point? Go for a unique offering that proves you’re a true romantic.

Like these ideas? Remember that this is a day to spend with your loved one, so it doesn’t really matter what you get them, as long as you can say “I love you!”