Looking at the Cultural Practices and History of The Pique Shawnee Tribe The Piqua Shawnee people principally reside in Alabama and are part of the larger group of Indian American tribes given recognition by the US government. They are one of the six tribes that forms the larger Shawnee tribe. The Shawnee tribe has occupied the American Northeast for centuries. Regions such as what is today known as Ohio. Indiana, Maryland, Pennsylvania and Kentucky were first occupied by both the Shawnees and other Native Indians like the Cherokee. The way of life and historical accounts of the Shawnee people are summarized in the remainder of this article. The history of the Shawnee tribe Prior to the European settlers setting foot in America, chiefs were the rulers of the Northeast part of America. The area were ruled by bigger tribes who had lots of fighters. In the case of the Shawnee tribe, the tribe moved frequently to escape other barbaric Indian tribes. The Shawnee people life turned to worse when European settlers came to America. The Shawnee people’s land was taken away by force because the white settlers had sophisticated weapons.
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However, the Shawnee tribe fought the white settlers for a number of years as they did not want surrender their land without a fight. Because of war and the spread of diseases, the Shawnee tribe numbers were reduced. The European settlers finally used a trust land in Oklahoma to settle the Shawnee tribe. However, a huge number of Shawnees remained in the areas stated above. Because of warring tribes and colonialists, members of the Shawnee group are known to have trekked toward New York so as to avoid confrontations with the other factions.
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Tribe Numbers before European touched down The Shawnee tribe was thriving in terms of population before the white settlers arrived. According census information, the tribe had more than 10,000 members but the number was cut to 3,500 after they engaged the Europeans in several of wars because of land. As of now, the Shawnee tribe has 15,000 members in the US. They Speak primary English After many years of living alongside the Europeans, a majority of people who claim the Shawnee heritage speak English as their first language. The Shawnee language is only known by a few elderly people. If there aren’t any steps taken to revive the Shawnee language, then there’s likelihood of extinction according to various studies. Shawnee tribe dwelling Due to their nomadic lifestyle, the Shawnee tribe constructed simple homes or houses. Their houses were created from readily available materials like hide, tree bark and thick grass . Also, the houses were round in shape and aesthetically attractive.