Brides and grooms look forward to the “big day” to begin wedded bliss. For guests, however, the big event includes music, friends and food. An easy way to handle the food is simply not to handle the food. That’s right—let someone else do the cooking, serving and clean-up on your big day. Catered weddings are a perfect way to keep stress to a minimum.

Read this post here for a clearer understanding of how catering works. What do you want to eat? How do you budget for a catered wedding? Do you need dessert in addition to the cake? Don’t fret if you have lots of questions—most brides and couples do! A great caterer will work with you to see your vision come to life. They can answer all of your questions. Their guidance will help you wow your guests with water-cooler worthy main courses, sides, and desserts.

What do I Ask the Caterer?

Before you pick salmon or chicken, get a comprehensive quote from your caterer. This will answer many of your questions like, “Is coffee service included?” or “Can I have my Mom make her famous bread pudding for dessert instead of cake?” Next, ask the caterer for advice on what would work best for your venue. Is a sit-down meal appropriate or do you prefer a buffet-style option? Which one will work best for a garden wedding? Great catering services can even guide you on which questions to ask.

Discuss Pricing

If you have an unlimited amount of money for your wedding, you will not need to worry about the cost of the wedding meal and appetizers. If that is not the case, be sure to get an accurate head count of those that will attend your wedding. You don’t want to pay for food that will not be eaten by guests that will not attend. Plated meals are usually more expensive than buffet service. Look for added fees from your caterer for hot passed hors d’oeuvres or champagne openings. These can add up quickly.

Who’s Going to Clean This Mess?

The ages-old question is very important when the bride and groom have scurried off and guests are tired and want to go home. Who cleans up all of the dishes and takes down tables and chairs? Clean-up is usually handled by the caterers. This is to make sure that no pans, wine glasses or warming trays are left behind. Taking down tables and folding up chairs—that can be handled by the caterer or the venue staff depending on what was included in the agreements.

All of the menu options, the service and the venue have been selected.
Now, the happy couple’s only duty is to say, “I do,” and run off into the sunset together. Everything else on the big day can be handled by professionals who know how to prepare, present and clean-up catered meals. Toast your new spouse. Have your first dance together. Eat, drink and be married!