Some say the woman is a weak creature, this is a fact. There are some women who either because of forced or deliberately like to travel at night. My advice for women, to always carry protective equipment from the crime. You can buy weapons just in case at Favorite Gun Shop in McKinney.

This is to anticipate a form of crime that you did not expect. Currently a lot of women who equip themselves with a personal protector while traveling.

  1. Pepper Spray

It is a very practical and powerful self-care tool, indispensable to protect yourself or your loved ones from the threat of people who are not good intentions or from the attack of wild animals.

By way of very easy use, just open the security, point to the eyes of people who intend bad and press, then immediately take a thousand steps.

prevention is better than regret, is perfect for man or women who often walk alone.

  1. Stun Gun

It is a weapon for self-defense by using electric or electric power. How to use the stun gun is to touch the front of the stun gun made of metal to the opponent’s body and press the activation button stun. The amount of electricity released by each type of Stun Gun is different, ranging from 800KV to 2,500KV.

Several types of Stun Gun are equipped with siren, its function is to provoke the attention of the masses, especially for women who may prefer to turn on the siren rather than collide physically with the attacker.

  1. Pen or other objects

If you want to travel, bring a tool with sharp edges like pens, pens, and more. This you can use to pierce the offender if you are threatened. This is powerful enough to drive off the culprits. It turns out the pen in addition to writing can also make a weapon 🙂

  1. Using objects around us as weapons

If we are suddenly attacked by the perpetrators of crime, we can use objects around to fight off the actors such as stone, wood, and others. This will greatly help you a little against the crimes that occurred.

  1. Key

All sorts of keys can be your ‘secret’ weapon. You just have to clamp the key between your fingers and the shape of your hand like you want to punch. Point the box at the perpetrator. Then the key can hurt the offender and you can run for help.

  1. Comb

This thing will be painful if the part to comb hair is scraped onto the skin. If pressed, scratch the comb into the face of the perpetrator.

  1. Umbrella

Umbrellas, especially the classic umbrella model that has a pointed iron tip umbrella. This thing can be brought anytime you want. And can be used in the rain or heat.

The personal protective weapon I mentioned is an alternative way for you for a moment, the important thing is that you can blur as far as possible to avoid unnecessary events. It would be nice if you as a smart modern woman from now on let’s learn to be vigilant.