In recent times, technology has been growing day by day. New inventions and discoveries are being made on a regular basis. This has led us to lead a more electronic and digital life. For this reason, most business organisations have their traditional means of selling their products to an electronic means of selling products. Most of the commercial transactions of the business organisations are being made via the internet, using it as the main vehicle. Online stores have been very helpful as they don’t have any storage constraints, thus they can offer a large variety of products on their websites.

Advantages of online shopping

  • Convenience– This is the most comfortable form of shopping. It allows the customer to research about the product, and then buying it sitting at home or their work place. Internet makes shopping so much easier. If you want to buy women’s lingerie, you can easily browse the products and its details as per your suitability. Also, the transactions can also be easily cancelled.
  • No Pressure– Most of the times, you will find that the sales representatives of the physical stores try to manipulate the customers to buy the products. This might put a little bit of pressure on the buyers. But in case of online shopping customers don’t feel pressurized in any way.

  • Comparisons– in online store the companies display their entire range of products they have to offer so that the different tastes and needs of the buyers are satisfied. They can compare all the features, finish, price, etc. of the product of a variety of models and then choose to buy the one which would be perfect for them. Some sites even directly compare and show the different prices of the products.
  • Discreet– In online shopping, neither your identity is revealed, nor the contents of your purchase. The seller will know nothing about you other than some contact details of yours. While the distributer and the delivery person won’t know the contents of your purchase. This way you can buy anything you want without feeling ashamed; like you can buy women’s lingerie online in a discreet manner.
  • Availability– All the physical stores have a fixed time at which they will be open and all the customers have to buy stuff during that time only. But online stores don’t have such time boundary. They are open 24×7 all days of the year. Thus, time is not a barrier here.

Disadvantages of online shopping

  • Delays– though most of the reputed online stores don’t make any delays, it might be caused due to various reasons. Selecting, buying and paying for your chosen product online might not take more than 15 to 20 minutes, its delivery might take a while. That would also depend on your location, as deliveries are made much faster to major cities when compared to other locations.
  • Lack of Touch– the online products can’t be touched or analysed for their quality. Rather you will have to wait for it to be delivered to check it. Though most sites have return or exchange policy, lot of time gets wasted if there is something wrong with the product.
  • Fraud– There has been many cases of fraudulent online shopping websites. These stores ask for online payment before the delivery, and then the website itself disappears. So, look for reliable and authentic portals only that have a reputation in market.