Some of the Things That Affect How Ultraviolet Germicidal Lamps Will Work

The effectiveness of using germicidal UV is purely depended on the length of time a microorganism is exposed to light. In addition to the length of time, the intensity and the wavelength also play a crucial part. Another thing that can affect the effectiveness is if there are some particles the hinder the microorganisms from the UV light. If you want to obtain more accurate results, you have to pass the water or air several times through the UV in order to detect as many microorganisms by the UV light as possible. Many are the times when sterilization is said to be workable processes. In reality it is not easy to say that you have reached sterilization results in any process and that is why you will realize many uses the word disinfection so that they do not appear to be lying about their results. You will find other firms say that they are offering 99% effectiveness. It is possible to repair damaged DN by the use of UV light. The process is referred to as light and dark repair. The side of the exposure to the UV light is the one that will determine how efficient the process is for the right results. With soil surrounding the bulb the effectiveness will be significantly affected. That will mean that the bulbs have to be cleaned periodically if the results will be more accurate.

The other thing that will have to be done is to make sure the bulbs will be changed. The design of the germicidal bulbs determine how long they will live. They also rely on the various materials that are used. With increased airflow the lamp is cooled, and when that continues it affects the output of the UV. Therefore it is necessary to shield the lamps from airflow so that the efficiency of the UV is not affected by the cooling of the lamp. Some of the things that can increase the effectiveness are things like use of reflection. The results can be highly enhanced by the use of aluminum which is highly reflective. If you want to evaluate the efficiency of the UV in water disinfection, you can calculate the dose.

All these processes need a lot of care if you are to get the right results because a slight interference in the process will give completely different results. That means that the results that are used will have a different effect altogether because they are based on the wrong findings caused by interfering with the processes. That will mean that the products made after the finds should not be trusted depending on how much are the results affected by the interference of the process. It is therefore important to have regulatory agencies taking care of those processes to ensure they meet certain standards.

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