Glitter is one of the most revolutionary makeup items since the introduction of mascara. People everywhere have donned the sparkly pigment on their cheeks, bodies and eyelids for every occasion and it seems that the trend is simply growing in enormity.

So many of us are quick to use the stuff, but so few of us have stopped to ask the question “is glitter makeup safe to use on your skin?” So many of us will be surprised with the answer, so if you’re a glitter makeup enthusiast, you should definitely pay attention.

It’s important that we firstly all familiarise ourselves with the different types of glitter available,which are craft glitter and cosmetic glitter. Craft glitter is used for decoration, arts and crafts and home projects, whereas cosmetic glitter is what we typically use on our face, bodies and to put in our hair. So, you may be wondering if there is even any difference between the two? We can confirm that there is actually a huge difference between the two.

Cosmetic Glitter vs Craft Glitter:

Using cosmetic glitter on your face and skin is much safer, whereas using craft glitter can come with its own risks. There’s a difference between the glitter that we use on our face, that the glitter that we stick to pictures and decorate everyday objects with.

Firstly, cosmetic glitter is coloured with safe non-toxic pigment, whereas craft glitter is often coloured using dye, which is slightly toxic and the colour will run if it comes into contact with an applicator gel. The toxic dyes that are used in craft glitter can cause irritation on your skin, so it’s worth reading the label and avoiding. As craft glitter is cheaper to make, it is cheaper to sell, but although cosmetic glitter is more expensive, it poses no threat to your health.

Secondly, craft glitter does not have to go through the same rigorous testing as cosmetic glitter, which is certified and approved by the EU health and safety trading standards. Again, because it does not have to go through the same trading standards, it can cause irritation to your skin.

When you are applying glitter to your face, body or hair, it can often be the case that glitter can be ingested, or it can get in your eyes. Some craft glitter is made out of metal and can cause internal damage if ingested, or can damage your eyes if it falls into them. As cosmetic glitter is made out of a non-toxic substance, it poses very little to no threat when it is ingested or if it gets into your eyes.

There are so many red flags when it comes to using craft glitter over the tested and safety assured cosmetic glitter. Although it’s a little bit more expensive, you can’t put a price on your health!