Now is the best time to be thinking about stocking up on Christmas gifts and decorations. The centerpiece of this most festive holiday is, of course, the Christmas tree. If you’re looking to add new and creative ornaments to your existing collection for this year’s tree decorating party, you should seriously consider ordering personalized ornaments.

Suncatcher Ornaments

Personalized suncatcher ornaments are a very creative type of ornament. They are designed with a suction cup and are made of colored transparent acrylics to allow sunlight through them. These ornaments can be personalized with specific colors, designs, typing, or even photo prints.

Suncatcher ornaments are perfect for hanging on your open windows all year long. The designs aren’t specific to any holiday or season. You can easily order a colorful summertime ornament as well as a festive Christmas ornament.

Shatterproof Ornaments

During the holiday season, the floor of your living room can become a metaphorical minefield due to the proclivity of your Christmas ornaments to fall off of your tree. To help save you money on buying new ornaments, there are now shatterproof ornaments that won’t break or shatter when they fall.

These types of ornaments are also highly beneficial in homes that have free roaming pets. Cats and ferrets find Christmas trees to be a very shiny and curious toy that they love to climb. Shatterproof ornaments come in multiple colors with a variety of designs. They can even have a satin coating to help them look more like traditional ornaments.

Hand Blown Glass Ornaments

Hand Blown glass ornaments are a gorgeous addition to your Christmas tree. They can be crafted for you in several colors including green, red, purple, white, and blue. In addition to a multitude of colors, you may also choose to have your elegant hand-blown glass ornaments decorated with text, photos, or designs.

These hand-blown glass ornaments are 3 inches in diameter and are crafted with a tiny hoop at the top for you to attach a metal hook or string for hanging purposes. These glass ornaments are also translucent, so they will allow the lights on your Christmas tree to sparkle through them to amplify the glitz and glamor of your tree this year.

Mirror ornaments

Mirror ornaments are a truly elegant addition to any tree. Not only are they chic but they will also reflect the sparkle of your Christmas tree lights and the glint of your other decorations. Placing mirror ornaments on your tree would be like decorating with pieces of crystal.

These ornaments come in multiple shapes including diamond, octagon, hexagon, and house. You can order specific text to be printed on them, you can ask for certain pictures or designs, or even upload a photo to be printed on your mirror ornament. These ornaments would be the perfect way to memorialize a birthday, anniversary, or other events.

If you’re looking for a way to shake up your usual Christmas tree decoration themes, adding customized ornaments is a fun and elegant way to do so. Many online companies specialize in custom ornaments, so find one and order your ornaments now to ensure you receive them in time for the holidays.