Difficulty sleeping or often called insomnia is something that is very disturbing activity of our daily life. We feel so comfortable and feel uncomfortable body. Generally 95{b4abc0430ad76f282306ff4ca4fe96646897ae443d1174a6991a00ceab5ff2f4} more problems insomnia is due to mind problems, whether we know what thoughts make us hard to sleep whether we do not know what is often called hidden stress. How to overcome insomnia that you have been doing? Do you use the method of counting sheep? or are you dissolved in your fear?

This insomnia problem is various for everyone:

  • there are those who feel unable to sleep at all throughout the night and even the day also can not sleep soundly
  • there is after waking up at night then can not sleep anymore, so if woke at 2 AM then from 2 AM cannot sleep again
  • there is a very afraid of not being able to sleep every night start, even the wall clock was lowered and hidden
  • some depend on sleeping pills or tranquilizers to be able to sleep
  • and many others

What causes insomnia?
1. because the typical thinker, what is thought so that can not relax in facing the problem
2. due to problems with spouse
3. due to financial problems
4. due to problems with worker friend
5. due to stress with the pain he suffered
6. etc

All of each person varies which causes insomnia. Now how to overcome insomnia?
There are many methods that can be done among others to do yoga or also doing sports activities, changing the position of the room / bed and others. There is also a way to overcome insomnia by consuming melatonina 3mg.