Most couples who are expecting a baby have a long list of items they want to get for their newborn. Chances are, one of those items is a stroller. Before buying a stroller, parents need to make sure it has certain features that make it safe and useful. If you are looking at strollers for your baby, make sure you choose one with these five essential features.

Easy Maneuverability

A stroller that is easy to maneuver can go around corners, up hills and over bumpy terrain without a problem. You should feel confident when pushing the stroller wherever you need to go. It’s critical that its wheels remain firmly on the ground allowing the baby to feel secure in the seat. One of the best ways to check for easy maneuverability is to roll a few strollers around a store that carries several brands. This allows you to see whether you feel in control of the stroller at all times.

Simple to Lift into a Car

Any stroller you choose should be easy to lift into a car or other vehicle. An umbrella stroller is a great option if you’re looking for a lightweight product you can lift with ease and slide into your vehicle’s trunk. You want to make the process of storing the stroller in your car after a walk as quick and stress-free as possible.

A Stroller Shade

A stroller shade seems like an unnecessary accessory on a stroller, but it’s important. Not only does it keep the harsh sunlight off your baby, it can give your little one privacy if he or she falls asleep during the journey. Search for one with a small plastic window in the shade so it’s easy to peek down at your baby while you walk along.

Brakes for the Wheels

Stroller brakes are for convenience as well as safety. If you’re on a hill and you need to stop the stroller for a few moments, you can engage the brakes so it will not move another inch. Also, brakes will not allow the stroller to move as you are putting your baby into the seat. Look for brakes that are easy to engage using the sole of your shoe.

Easy to Open and Close

A stroller that is easy to open and close is a blessing for any parent. The stroller should fold up or unfold in a matter of seconds. Plus, it should have a latch that secures the stroller once you’ve folded it so it doesn’t drop open. In addition, the stroller should fold up and unfold in a smooth way so you don’t risk breaking any of its parts with jerky movements.

Trying out several strollers is the most effective way to determine which one is right for your family. In addition, reading reviews written by owners can be helpful in learning about the lesser-known stroller features that prove helpful to parents.