Is Glitter Makeup Safe to Use on Your Skin?

Glitter is one of the most revolutionary makeup items since the introduction of mascara. People everywhere have donned the sparkly pigment on their cheeks, bodies and eyelids for every occasion and it seems that the trend is simply growing in enormity.

So many of us are quick to use the stuff, but so few of us have stopped to ask the question “is glitter makeup safe to use on your skin?” So many of us will be surprised with the answer, so if you’re a glitter makeup enthusiast, you should definitely pay attention.

It’s important that we firstly all familiarise ourselves with the different types of glitter available,which are craft glitter and cosmetic glitter. Craft glitter is used for decoration, arts and crafts and home projects, whereas cosmetic glitter is what we typically use on our face, bodies and to put in our hair. So, you may be wondering if there is even any difference between the two? We can confirm that there is actually a huge difference between the two.

Cosmetic Glitter vs Craft Glitter:

Using cosmetic glitter on your face and skin is much safer, whereas using craft glitter can come with its own risks. There’s a difference …



Is one of your new year resolutions to keep fit and exercise more? Then you’re going to need some new gymwear and fitness clothing. Did you know what what you wear to the gym is actually helps you work out better? Here are a few items you should consider buying this year…

Jazzy Leggings

Legging are a unisex item these days – and there are so many styles you can now choose from! Leggings are no longer a gym only staple – you see people wearing them everywhere! To the park, out for lunch – and even to the office! Invest in a muted, unique pair to keep you going this season.

Muscle Fit T Shirts

Muscle fit t-shirts are going to be everywhere in the coming year. It complements your tireless routine at the gym and is available in a host of different styles and brands. The muscle fit look can effortlessly blend into all your outfit choices, so you can wear it both in and outside on the gym.

Luxury Trainers

Gone are the days new balance were only worn by your geography teacher. These days, there are thousands of luxury style sneakers out there, with even the …


5 Clothing Presents To Get Your Boyfriend This Valentines

Buying for Valentines is tricky for a girl, because you can’t really buy your boyfriend flowers, chocolates and a teddy. One great option for men is some fresh cloths. Spring is just around the corner – and what better a time to give your partner wardrobe a little wardrobe update?

It’s an ideal opportunity for you to get a few spring/summer wardrobe spruce ups for your boyfriend, and it’s a gift they may not be expecting. Here are a few of the freshest items out there right now for you buy as gifts for your loved one.…

A New Jacket

During the spring months we finally start to welcome the reappearance of the much missed sun – but it can still be pretty chilly. Buy you partner a new, lightweight jacket for the best of both worlds! Styles that are in at the moment are bomber jackets and light rain macs, and if you choose wisely, your boyfriend will be able to bring it out year after year to get him through the start and the end of the warmer months.

A Trucker Cap

Mesh trucker caps are the style that everyone is getting on board with this season. Brands …


Where To Get Customized Zippers To Fit Your Needs

Do you find it hard to get a replacement for your jacket or blazer? Well, there are companies that specialize in customized zippers. For designer garments, you need customized zippers. You can get a zipper via zippershipper.com. Many people prefer shopping online for sewing items because it is easier. You are also assured of the best quality.

Choosing a zipper

Most companies selling zippers and other sewing supplies will assist you in choosing the right supplies. Some of the basic things to consider include the color of the garment. Secondly, consider the material used to make the garment. This will ultimately determine the type of zipper to put. At https://www.zippershipper.com/engraved-monogrammed-metal-blazer-buttons-set, you get ideas on choosing the zippers. The same case applies to choosing buttons for blazers. The latest trend is engraved monogrammed metal buttons. They are classy and fashionable too.

Other types of customized zippers

Zippers are used in many other things apart from garments. They are used in greenhouses, sleeping bags and in upholstery. For high-quality upholstery zippers, ensure you get them from high-quality suppliers. They will recommend what is best for that particular function. You are assured of getting value for your money if you …


Valentine’s Day Celebration Ideas for Long Distance Couple

Only few days to go for Valentine’s to celebrate it with the love of your life. Lucky are those who get to spend with their partner. But what about those miles apart couple who are in a long distance relationship with one another. Remember creativity and communication plays an important role in maintain the relationship. Therefore if you are running out of the ideas then take a look at the below blog and celebrate Do on V-Day for Every Level of Romance even not being together.

Surprise Them and Show Up

If you are having a white collar job then why not make the most of it? Tie your lace, pack your bags and get ready to surprise your lover on the Valentine’s morning. You need to book tickets earlier as there will be lot of combo offers. Visit their work place with a bunch of flowers or wait for them at the apartment when they are back from the work. The smile you will see in return is worth everything. You can surprise them by sending balloon and cake delivery online from giftblooms.

Have a Synchronized Skype, Face Time, Or Nucleus Date.

It’s all about the synchronization. You …