Should you shop online?

In recent times, technology has been growing day by day. New inventions and discoveries are being made on a regular basis. This has led us to lead a more electronic and digital life. For this reason, most business organisations have their traditional means of selling their products to an electronic means of selling products. Most of the commercial transactions of the business organisations are being made via the internet, using it as the main vehicle. Online stores have been very helpful as they don’t have any storage constraints, thus they can offer a large variety of products on their websites.

Advantages of online shopping

  • Convenience– This is the most comfortable form of shopping. It allows the customer to research about the product, and then buying it sitting at home or their work place. Internet makes shopping so much easier. If you want to buy women’s lingerie, you can easily browse the products and its details as per your suitability. Also, the transactions can also be easily cancelled.
  • No Pressure– Most of the times, you will find that the sales representatives of the physical stores try to manipulate the customers to buy the products. This might put a

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome and LoveWorld USA TV is Switching to Verizon Cable

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome and LoveWorld USA TV is Switching to Verizon Cable

For those of you who are regular viewers and fans of the renowned LoveWorld USA TV or Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, you should be aware that both are in the process of switching over to Verizon cable on the 1st of March, 2018. If you are not familiar with LoveWorld USA TV, it is a Christian media and content provider that brings the love and word of Jesus Christ straight into your home television, tablet, mobile device, or personal computer. LoveWorld USA TV features televised sermons given by Pastor Benny Hinn and Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, where they share their message of love and hope through Jesus Christ with a worldwide audience.

It is important to note that all of the LoveWorld USA TV channels that you have come to enjoy will be making the switch to Verizon cable. These shows include Oral Roberts, It’s Supernatural, Jentezen Franklin, Kenneth Copeland, Karen Wheaton, Marilyn Hicky, Jesus Image TV, and many others. You won’t miss a single episode or minute of any of your favorite Christian shows if you follow LoveWorld USA TV over to Verizon. So, be sure to mark March …


ROJ-ROK Comfort Women Agreement Stands

The opening of the 2018 Winter Olympic Games has brought the world’s attention to the Republic of Korea(ROK). While the cameras are focused upon athletic events, the attention of the locals is upon how the results of President Moon’s task force for the 2015 Comfort Women Agreement will affect diplomatic relations with the Republic of Japan(ROJ).

The ROJ has been making reparations and attempting to resolve the physical, psychological, and emotional damages made to Korean women during Japan’s imperial control in World War II. Japan issued a heartfelt apology in 1993 by Chief Cabinet Secretary Yohei Kono after reviewing a Japanese case study on “wartime Comfort Women”. On the 50th anniversary of WWII ending, Japan started the Asian Women’s Fund (AWF) to restore the honor and dignity of women that were effected throughout Asia. The fund provided 2 million yen per survivor from contributions by the Japenese people, and over 5 years disbursed 830 million yen for the welfare and medical care of survivors from the Japanese government’s funds. The AWF also started a digital museum so that the world would remember and not repeat their mistakes.

During the implementation and efforts of the Asian Women’s Fund in Korea, there …


The Power of Personalization – How it Can Grow your Retail Store

The biggest advantage a retailer can have over competitors is the ability to get a comprehensive insight into what every customer wants easily. And it’s only through tech can we perk up customer experience. Personalization is one of the best approaches to this. Unfortunately, not many upcoming retailers are adequately equipped to implement it.

Last year survey conducted by BRP Consulting revealed that 55% of retailers had improving shopper/customer experience as their top priority. Boosting customer loyalty was number two with 50% and augmenting mobile shopping came third with 45%. Surprisingly, only 24% had introducing personalized promotions as their top priority.

Weird as it may seem, this little focus on personalization is understandable because it requires a firm foundation to start. You need customized, flawless customer experience all through, a perfect consumer loyalty strategy and the aptitude to link with shoppers through their devices of choice like smartphones.

Start by improving your consumer experience and loyalty

Personalization is an old practice that keeps gaining popularity. The more retailers make an effort to establish consumer loyalty & experience programmes they closer they get to customization. It’s a must-have for any business because it helps you stand out from your counterparts.

When …


Valentines 2018 gifts

Your significant other will probably be delighted with any classic valentines gift – and there is absolutely nothing wrong with a big box of chocolates or a teddy bear to mark the occasion!

There are, however, so many gifts these days that step outside the box of the “classic Valentine’s Day gifts”. Why not let go of the commercial clichés this year and choose something a little more unpredictable, maybe even with an element of mystery and adventure? Every woman loves some jewellery and every man will appreciate Designer Watch Brands, but these gifts add a most personal touch.

Here are a few suggestions to give you some alternative inspiration…

A Romantic Getaway

Book a romantic trip for the two of you! Why is this my favourite option? Because you’re basically giving yourself gift! Ideal, right? You don’t have to spend fortune to book a weekend trip, there are plenty of deals to be had they won’t break the bank. You can create wonderful memories while you’re away, so it can be a gift that will last a life time!

Bouquet with a Difference

If your partner loves  flowers and plants, you can to go down the floral route …