Buying for Valentines is tricky for a girl, because you can’t really buy your boyfriend flowers, chocolates and a teddy. One great option for men is some fresh cloths. Spring is just around the corner – and what better a time to give your partner wardrobe a little wardrobe update?

It’s an ideal opportunity for you to get a few spring/summer wardrobe spruce ups for your boyfriend, and it’s a gift they may not be expecting. Here are a few of the freshest items out there right now for you buy as gifts for your loved one.…

A New Jacket

During the spring months we finally start to welcome the reappearance of the much missed sun – but it can still be pretty chilly. Buy you partner a new, lightweight jacket for the best of both worlds! Styles that are in at the moment are bomber jackets and light rain macs, and if you choose wisely, your boyfriend will be able to bring it out year after year to get him through the start and the end of the warmer months.

A Trucker Cap

Mesh trucker caps are the style that everyone is getting on board with this season. Brands like Jameson Carter are taking the lead with their sports luxe designs and have a wide range of suede trucker caps and other styles to choose from. If you’re on a slightly tighter budget with your gift, this can be a cool option that are definitely worth a try.


An Understanded T shirt


Every spring and summer is an opportunity to get your boyfriend a new t-shirts or two so that he can start enjoying the warmer weather. This season is all about the  muscle fit or slim fit t-shirts, and it’s the perfect  opportunity to add some colour into your boyfriends wardrobe. Bright and vibrant colours are really in for 2018, so go wild and buy him a super bright tee – maybe red for valentines day?

Some Sneakers

Every man will always need a good, solid pair of sneakers. This can really be an affordable can’t-go-wrong gift option, as most men love their trainers! Try and find some that he can wear casual and in a relaxed setting,

Do you have any other idea? Let us know them by commenting below. And remember – valentines is about love, not gifts. As long you ad you can make your partner feel special and loved on this special day, it doesn’t matter what you buy them!